Features: Land, Soil and Climate, Technical Information:

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Soil Mapping, Soil Matrix and Nutrient Profile:

  • The adjacent figure shows, in "green", the approximately

           25 +/- acres of land currently under cultivation.  The numbered portions

           represent the micro-sites based on their various topography features. 

  • Additional maps, plans, soil analysis and other reports are available

           upon request.

Soil Profile:

  • Soil Type-Pelton-Clay Loam: (see Nova Scotia Soils map of 1943). 

          28 individual test pits were dug to obtain sub-surface soil information. 

          This photo shows "test pit" # 25 (of 29 dug).  The absence of rock is typical. 

          Test pit depth is approximately 3.5-5.0 feet.  Typically, the surface loam and

          plant root range is 2-6 feet, depending on the location on the property and the

          plants involved.

  • Soil samples (upper, middle and lower fields) were collected and tested

          in 2008 and 29 samples from widely distributed micro site areas were

          collected and tested in 2010.  The test results provided the basis for

          subsequent soil nutrient amendments in 2010 and yearly since.  

         Details are available


Climate and Temperature Summary:  (Values vary yearly):

  • Growing Degree Days (GDD) Estimate: 940-1100 +/- Range
  • Frost Free Days (FFD): 185 +/-
  • Earliest Day of Frost: 
    • Mid-Late October to Mid-November
  • Winter Temperatures (over night):
    • Typical Range: -5 to -20 Degrees C-Celsius (23 to -4 F-Fahrenheit)
  • There are some "micro climate" areas on the property 
  • With ample south facing aspect to the sun, the property is very suitable

          for a vineyard and controlled environment-green house type specialty

          facilities and operations 

Tile Drainage:

  • In late 2011, six acres in the upper left quadrant of the fields

          were tile drained (interconnecting underground water drainage tubes)

         rendering that parcel ready for planting of 6 acres of grape vines:

  • GPS mapping  details of drain line locations are available. 

Water Resources:

Available agricultural, general and potable water resources:

  • A natural spring fed pond adjacent to the middle field

          (owned by the neighbour) is available (legally deeded) for

          agricultural and general use.

  • There are several natural mountain water springs in the upper

           forest portion of the property, from which water can be drawn

           indefinitely to supply agricultural and potable water needs.

  • Deep wells can be drilled in many locations on the property for

          domestic potable and other water supply needs.

  • The upper portion of the property is ideally suited to develop a

          "gravity-fed" water collection, storage and supply system.


Property Topography Maps, Technical Charts and Tables: 

A variety of Topography, other maps with varying contour elevations and relevant information are available on request.  This sample map displays the whole property showing the 5 metre (5.4 yard) contour elevations lines, with the cultivated areas in green.      (Also See photo gallery)

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